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The youngest PhD graduates

Just as old age need not be an obstacle (see: You’re never too old, youth also does not need to prevent you from successfully completing a PhD. Of course an infant or very young child will not be able to study for a PhD, mainly because of the practicalities and because of his or her intellectual development. But, remembering that Mozart was already composing music from the age of five, just how young do you have to be? According to the Grad School Hub, eight of the ten youngest PhD graduates were teenagers, with the 13-year-old Karl Witte taking the top spot. The Online Colleges website has produced a very different list with the youngest in their list being Kim Ung-Yong, who was awarder his PhD at the age of 16. However, according to Wiki answers, and other anecdotal reports on the internet, Syed Mohammed Hussain was awarded a PhD at the tender age of 7.


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