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Maximise your Year 1 PhD performance by presenting a flawless Upgrade / Progress Report.

Since 2006, we have successfully helped more than 8500 PhD and DBA students to present professional and compelling upgrade reports.

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Why pay a private professor to help with your Upgrade Report?
  • Most students will, usually within the first year of their PhD, be asked to submit an upgrade report to their university to show the progress they have made in that year. This is a necessary step and permission to continue to the next step of the PhD depends on it – especially if you are on an M. Phil program.
  • However, for most PhD students an Upgrade Report is an entirely new type of academic writing and so they are unsure of exactly how to present their research or to structure their writing.
  • Our professors, who have experience working with hundreds of such reports, will draft for you a professional report which illuminates your research in the best possible light and which meets all of the technical, structural and formatting expectations for a PhD level report.
  • Working with a private professor can ensure a smooth transition from Year 1 to Year 2 of your thesis, by presenting you research in a clear way and opening the doors to your Methodology and Data Collection stages.
  • British Professor. A British professor in your chosen PhD subject, plus their CV, contact details and published work
  • Skype Call. 1 x 1 hour Skype call with your professor + Academic Project Questionnaire (see example)
  • Model Report. 1 x model PhD report of 5000, 8000 or 10,000 words (see example)
  • Bibliography & Referencing. Full bibliography plus referencing in your chosen style (Harvard, Oxford etc.)
  • Alterations. Free alterations for 10 days following receipt of your work. (see example)
  • Delivery. Delivery in 5 – 60 days (as chosen by you)
  • Plagiarism Free. Your work will be 100% plagiarism free (a free plagiarism report is included).
  • Confidential. Your work will be 100% confidential (no details are shared with applicant universities).
  • Intellectual Property. Your work will be 100% your intellectual property and never re-sold.
  • London Office. You will have 24 / 7 support from our London office.
  • British Professor. You will work with an experienced UK professor in your field
  • Prices for our PhD Upgrade Service help vary according to the delivery requirements. The calculator below shows you prices for 10-day delivery

    Questions about our prices or delivery? Ask our team
    How we work
  • Place an order telling our professor your exact academic requirements – along with any academic information you wish to send.
  • We offer various discounts and instalment plans.
  • Finalize your instructions through an (optional) Skype call with your professor and by completing our Academic Project Questionnaire.
  • Download as a fully editable Word, SPSS, Excel or other file.
  • Ask your professor to complete any alterations you require.
  • Relish being finished with your work.
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