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Service – PhD Tutorials

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PhD Tutorials

(Including Face to Face & Skype)


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What is the service?

Many PhD students coming to us say they would prefer some additional supervision or simply the chance to discuss their work with a PhD expert not their supervisor.

Our PhD tutorial service allows you to arrange face to face tutorials at our London offices – or online Skype tutorials with a PhD expert supervisor.

You can speak as often as you like, for as long as you like, on whichever subject you like.

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What’s included?

[icon image=”ss-man” character=”” size=”small” cont=”no” float=”left” color=”standard”]A world class tutor who is an expert in your subject

[icon image=”ss-star” character=”” size=”small” cont=”no” float=”left” color=”standard”]5 – 20+ Hours of One to One Personalized PhD Supervision

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Our Guarantees

• 100% Original Material
• 100% Confidential
• Central London Office Support
• World-class Oxbridge PhD academic
• Directly meet / speak to the academic

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