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Why Publish your PhD?

Doing a PhD involves a lot of work, first researching and then writing your thesis. You do this because you want to gain your PhD qualification, because you are interested in the topic you are researching and maybe because you value the supervision and the insights you can gain from your supervisor. But, even with these benefits it is still a lot of work  and if there are other benefits that can be gained for relatively little extra effort then it would be sensible to take advantage of them.

One of those benefits is to get published. This cannot be done without putting in some additional effort, but the rewards are generally worthwhile. If you are looking to be an academic then publications are the best way to enhance your curriculum vitae. Even if you are not aiming for an academic career, publications show a willingness to go beyond the minimum of what is required, can be used as a powerful demonstration of your ability to write and your specialised knowledge. Furthermore, they can also begin to establish you as an expert in your particular field. All of these things should be attractive to future employers.

One option is to publish articles as you progress. There is a myth that publishing an article based on your PhD before you submit it somehow means that your PhD will no longer be considered an original contribution. Given that you can be granted a PhD solely on the basis of published work this is untenable as an objection. However, if you are reluctant to publish parts of your PhD in advance you can still write articles on closely related subjects. The other option is to publish after you have been awarded your PhD. Again you can publish a series of articles, but it may be better to publish your PhD as a book, which has the added advantage of gaining you royalty payments. I will look at these options in more detail in future articles, but you can also approach the experts at the PhD Consultancy for help with all aspects of publishing your work.

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