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Our Academics

All of our supervisors are PhD holders, lecturers, professors or experts in their field.

The PhD Bureau is proud to work with an elite group of PhD supervisors

All of our academic supervisors are British educated PhD holders and lecturers who are specialists in their respective subjects.

Most of these PhD supervisors are from Oxford University and Cambridge University and have extensive experience supervising PhD students, teaching PhD courses and preparing PhD theses and papers for publication.

At the consultancy we always seek to match the right supervisor to the right PhD student.

We encourage our supervisors and students to collaborate as closely as possible through face to face meetings, Skype calls and email correspondence.

We are also happy to provide clients with full credentials, including their CVs and academic papers, for all of our supervisors.

Below are a selection of some of these supervisors – along with their specialisations and credentials.

If you would like to request one of these supervisors in particular then you can select this option when ordering.

Please see below a small selection of our PhD consultants

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