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The PhD Bureau Blog

A collection of articles written by our professors

which you may find useful to your PhD applications and studies.

Do PhD students get the right support from universities?

13-09-2016 | 3

This is an interesting article written by Jack Grove and published by the Times Higher Education. It reports on…

10 Things to avoid when writing your proposal – Part 2

31-08-2016 | 11

As we noted in part one, it is important to make your proposal as strong as possible. This is…

What is critical appraisal and how should I consider this as part of my PhD thesis?

19-08-2016 | 1

There are a number of questions you should pose, whilst reading a peer-reviewed manuscript. Here are a few: 1.           …

10 Things to avoid when writing your proposal (part 1)

09-08-2016 | 4

Your PhD proposal is an opportunity to convince your prospective university and supervisors that you are capable of successfully…

Three Qualities of Successful PhD Students

04-08-2016 | 6

This is a blog article written by Matthew Might, an Associate Professor at the University of Utah. It is…

How to make sure your research is ethical?

18-07-2016 | 8

How do you make sure your research is ethical? This article is written by Dr Hannah Farrimond, a lecturer…

Types of argument

01-07-2016 | 2

Types of argument: argument by analogy In writing up your research you will inevitably need to construct arguments. Simply…

Cambridge student PhD stolen

21-06-2016 | 12

Cambridge student 'devastated' as burglar steals the only copy of his PhD work This is the sad and cautionary…

A ten step guide to applying for a place to study for a PhD: Part two

13-06-2016 | 15

In part one of this guide we set out the first five steps that you should work through when…

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